Saffron Seafood Sensation with Our Poached Orange Passata

Follow this sensationally simple saffron seafood recipe with our poached orange tomato from Mala Peruviana and have every one thinking you're a trained Masterchef! Honestly, if you haven't tried our sauces yet then get ready for something just a little special to enter your culinary life ; )

Cretan Dakos Salad

A cretan dakos is essentially a twice-cooked, wholegrain barley rusk that in Crete is a must have staple for any meal. Nutty in flavour and deliciously crunchy these rusks are super healthy and perfect for salads or lightly baked oven dishes. Below is a simple classic, with a 'The Food Philosopher' twist, that is delicious and too easy to make! 

Cretan Dakos Salad

  1. Break one rusk into bite-sized pieces. Our rusks come in packs of 10. 
  2. Chop up some cherry tomatoes and mix them with some capers, dried oregano and some kalamata olives in a large bowl. 
  3. Mix our Kyriako's Small Batch olive oil together with some red wine vinegar and pour it over the contents in the bowl. Throw in the broken rusks and mix together.
  4. Season with black pepper and, if necessary salt. 
  5. Place on a plate and finish by crumbling some feta cheese on top with extra herbs and olive oil to taste. 
  6. Kali Orexi! (Enjoy!)


Our amazing saffron prawns and poached orange passata! 

poached orange pasata.jpg

Perfect for both chicken and seafood nothing compares with the freshness of these orange passatas! Check out our Facebook page or see the recipe below to find out why these poached orange tomato passatas are taking Australia by storm!


  • In a hand mixer blend up a quarter of a red onion and a few cloves of garlic with some of our amazing The Food Philosopher EVOO and blend into a paste.
  • Fry this in an open frying pan with some additional EVOO on a medium heat until the paste starts to cook and change colour.
  • Following this add your prawns.
  • After a minute add some saffron and some finely diced zucchini (half a cup) and simmer for another minute. Then add some white wine (but honestly a shot of ouzo makes it 10 times better!) and simmer down.
  • Once reduced, simply add the whole passata and reduce for a couple of minutes. Finish with some salt and pepper and a naughty knob of butter!
  • Serve with your favourite pasta 

It’s that SIMPLE! These orange tomatoes are also TO DIE FOR on a baked fish prior to cooking or for baked chicken pieces in the oven with potatoes, onion and garlic and fresh herbs. Essentially, they are a blank canvas for your culinary talents!